Water for Free~ Android app is now available for download!

Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 12.20.38 pm

GREEN RATING Deep Green. Bring your own bottle.

Water for Free is a mobile app (iPhone and Android) and website that shows the locations of public water fountains and dispensers throughout Hong Kong. It is an effort to reduce the vast amounts single-use beverage containers entering our landfills and oceans everyday.

According to the 2011 Waste Statistics issued by the Environmental Protection Department (EPD), Hong Kong produces 100 tons of PET plastic waste daily. And the 2012 Waste Statistics shows a 32% increase.  Everyday we dump 132 tones of PET plastic waste into the landfill.  PET plastic is used primarily for single-use beverage bottles. Each bottle weighs about 50 grams and less than 4% is recycled. This means that we throw away more than two million PET bottles per day. Instead of responsibly addressing the waste issue caused by their products, beverage companies spend huge amounts on advertising designed to convince us to buy ever more of their products. The fact that their products are filling up our landfills and killing wildlife – birds, fish and sea turtles eat broken pieces of plastic mistaking it for food – is not their problem. It is ours. So we are asking for your help, please use a reusable beverage bottles.

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