Cathay Crew Face Disciplinary Action For Taking Food Destined for Landfill

According to Apple Daily, 6 Cathay cabin crew members face disciplinary action and possible termination for taking food that was destined for the landfill at the end of a flight from Korea to HK. During a spot inspection, the crew members were found to have croissants, bottled water, milk, yogurt and lemons in their luggage. In order to protect its in-flight property, Cathay had recently … Continue reading Cathay Crew Face Disciplinary Action For Taking Food Destined for Landfill

Dumpster Diving HK Style (no diving required)

  8 YEARS AGO we started Go Green Hong Kong with the fervent belief that individual behaviour could make a decisive difference in the war on waste and pollution. The glacial pace of change (though that may not be such an apt expression anymore as climate change is making glaciers move much faster these days) since then, and a deeper understanding of the scale and … Continue reading Dumpster Diving HK Style (no diving required)

Students Lead the Way to a Greener Future

As the semester winds down and summer vacation begins, university students living in halls need to empty out their room and return it to the university. Personal belongings such as clothing, stationery, kitchen ware and personal care products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) are often simply thrown in the trash. Three years ago, a group of green-minded students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) … Continue reading Students Lead the Way to a Greener Future

A Students Open Letter

  NOTE This open letter is re-published with permission from the environmental action group Grebbish. —————————- Let your action match your words! Potato@結束一桶專棄 I am a university student participating in a competition called ‘Glocal Greenovation’. The competition is a corporate social responsibility event hosted by Sasa and VolTra, and it is supported by twenty-five organisations and companies, including the Environment Bureau, and Google. The competition was … Continue reading A Students Open Letter

Fast Fashion: The Hidden Waste

Recently, I participated in a very insightful activity at the office of a fabric manufacturer. With other volunteers, I helped to remove labels which contained sensitive pricing and product information from thousands of pieces of cloth samples.  The labels contained proprietary info – if the labels were not removed, the samples would have had to be bagged and thrown into the landfill to prevent the … Continue reading Fast Fashion: The Hidden Waste

Plastic Disaster on Rainy Days

The climate is definitely changing – the Hong Kong Observatory issued its first ever amber rainstorm warning in January.  If you are bringing an umbrella with some dripping water indoors – what would you do? In the 1980s, most restaurants had an umbrella rack with individual locks placed near the entrance.  As a child, I always wanted to try it out, but my parents always … Continue reading Plastic Disaster on Rainy Days

Is the Science Museum Out to Sea?

“….A large centrepiece comprising plastic flotsam collected from the beach cleaning operations in the North Sea, Hawaii, the Baltic Sea and the rest of the world is displayed with the aim of arousing public awareness of plastic waste. …..Through the exhibition, visitors can gain an in-depth understanding of the chemical composition, classification and recycling processes of different plastic materials, and also learn about the harmful … Continue reading Is the Science Museum Out to Sea?

Addicted to Trash


With stunning speed, Hong Kong has transitioned from a manufacturing hub into a post-industrial service-based economy. Few things are now made here, most are imported from around the globe or the bustling behemoth an hour away. This consumer based economy produces massive amounts of trash that remains out-of-sight and out-of-mind unless you happen to stumble across  the shrunken grandmas collecting cardboard and beer cans at midnight.

The drive to sell luxury goods and live the “good life” has blinded Hong Kong to the environmental impact of endless consumption. Hong Kongers produce 6.5 million tonnes of trash every year, more per-capita than any other developed society. 65% of it is dumped into three landfills. This is cheap, commands minimal effort or attention from the public, and requires little infrastructure investment. However, land doesn’t come cheap on the fragrant harbor, and it’s difficult to build on top of or near landfills, which contaminate soil and groundwater, and release greenhouse gases (not to mention a terrible stench). The landfills are near full capacity, and unsurprisingly the public is lukewarm about expanding or creating new ones. New solutions are needed, but what are some of the options? Continue reading “Addicted to Trash”

Green Common


Green Monday is a social enterprise that promotes vegetarian diets by cooperating with restaurants, schools, hospitals and other enterprises. Vegetarian diets have been widely recognised to provide both health and environmental benefits. “Green Monday” is an ingenious way to get non-vegetarians to start thinking about eating a vegetarian meal once a week. It publishes meat-free menus and recipes, hosts vegetarian cooking classes and provides educational talks on diets and nutrition. Recently, they expanded their business to retail, opening a vegetarian supermarket in Wanchai called Green Common. I dropped by one afternoon to check it out.

The decor is minimalist and cool. Organic vegetables are prominently displayed near the entrance. Some of the produce is locally sourced. Shelves inside are full of vegetarian products - gone are the days of vegetarian food being bland and uninteresting. The wide array of ingredients and seasonings from all over the world lets you experience vegetarianism without sacrificing flavour, nutrition or variety. Continue reading “Green Common”