About Our Ratings

So you’re wondering how we evaluate products and rate restaurants?

Like most consumers we look at price, quality, design and performance. Does the product work well? Is it well made and durable? Is it reasonably priced? When it comes to food, we ask, how does it taste? is it satisfying? is it healthy?

As inhabitants of planet Earth, we also look for products that are sustainably produced and environmentally friendly. How is it made? What is it made of? How about the packaging and transportation? What happens when you throw it away? When it comes to food, we want to know: how far did it travel to get here? and was it sustainably produced?

There will always be trade-offs though, all goods, no matter how green, impact the Earth in some way. We will try to highlight these trade-offs to help you make more informed purchasing decisions. Our ratings scale takes into account the choices available in Hong Kong. So while there may be more eco-friendly products worldwide, we focus on what is available in Hong Kong and rate them accordingly. We rate the eco-friendliness of each product or restaurant on the following scale:

4. GREEN WASH – Essentially a conventional product with a green marketing spin.

3. LIGHT GREEN – A product with a few eco-friendly attributes.

2. QUITE GREEN – This is a product we consider substantially eco-friendly.

1. DEEP GREEN – This is best-in-class in terms of eco-friendliness.

Our Philosophy

We are some regular folks that care deeply about the environment and have focused the last 9 years educating ourselves on topics such as pollution, climate change, biodiversity, and sustainable energy and agriculture. We believe that we all share one Earth and everyone needs to take care of it. So we go out of our way to try healthy, sustainable products and restaurants. We’d like to share what we’ve learned with you because our collective purchasing decisions can send a powerful message to companies: “we care about the planet and so should you”. Lets take a step together toward a healthier future for ourselves and the planet.

About Us

Rachel Pang graduated from the University of Hong Kong in 1999. She earned her LLM from the University of Toronto in 2003. In addition to her career as an intellectual property lawyer, Rachel is dedicated to protecting the environment.

Fai Hui is a certified horticulturist, organic farmer and rooftop farming specialist. He is the founder of Wildroots Organic Farm. Prior to his current career, he was the Asia region Business Transformation Manager at a multinational and worked at a private equity fund. He graduated with distinction from the University of Toronto (Economics and Philosophy) and earned a law degree from the University of British Columbia. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email us at: faihui@gmail.com


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