Dumpster Diving HK Style (no diving required)

  8 YEARS AGO we started Go Green Hong Kong with the fervent belief that individual behaviour could make a decisive difference in the war on waste and pollution. The glacial pace of change (though that may not be such an apt expression anymore as climate change is making glaciers move much faster these days) since then, and a deeper understanding of the scale and … Continue reading Dumpster Diving HK Style (no diving required)


On Legco Election Day last September, I travelled from Fanling to Yuen Long to help with campaigning.  Before that I was having lunch at a McDonald’s and started chatting with an auntie named Ching sharing the table with me. Auntie Ching and I exchanged phone numbers and thereafter she sent me Whatsapp messages once every few weeks asking me when I will be back to … Continue reading Waste-No-Mall

Students Lead the Way to a Greener Future

As the semester winds down and summer vacation begins, university students living in halls need to empty out their room and return it to the university. Personal belongings such as clothing, stationery, kitchen ware and personal care products (shampoo, conditioner, body wash) are often simply thrown in the trash. Three years ago, a group of green-minded students from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) … Continue reading Students Lead the Way to a Greener Future