Water for Free – signing petition

Shell Gas Stations install water dispensers WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Since the cost of collecting, transporting and recycling the used plastic bottles is higher that what the recycled material is worth, 96% of the used plastic bottles in Hong Kong go straight to the landfill.   To have sufficient number of water fountains around town can greatly reduce our reliance on (or even addiction to) bottled … Continue reading Water for Free – signing petition

Rules of the Green Game

A few weeks ago I was invited by the host of the RTHK radio program 《1 2 3 show》 to share my experience founding Water for Free.  I specifically spoke about the fact that for over 4 years, Water for Free has been publicly demanding that MTR install water dispensers at each station, as this is obviously an essential part of fulfilling their CSR obligations.  Yet … Continue reading Rules of the Green Game

Press Release -“Water for Free” Android mobile app 2.0 launching

Hong Kong, 19 June 2017: Water for Free is a mobile app that helps users to refill their water bottles while on the go by showing the locations of water dispensers throughout Hong Kong.  Since its launch in the summer of 2013, it has been widely popular among those who care about the environment. Thanks to the crowdsourcing of new locations, the Water for Free map now … Continue reading Press Release -“Water for Free” Android mobile app 2.0 launching

撲水! Water for Free!

    The idea for “Water for Free” originated three years ago in an effort to reduce environmental damage caused by plastic bottles. With no financial resources, our initial plan was to map out the water fountains and dispensers throughout Hong Kong on google map and publish it onto our wordpress website. Luckily, Nuthon IT Solutions Limited volunteered to develop the iPhone mobile phone app … Continue reading 撲水! Water for Free!