Up-cycled Coconut Shell Wok Brush

PRICE HK$ 20-28

PRODUCT RATING Very Good. The stiffer bristles of the coconut brush are better at removing grease from a wok than conventional nylon bristles. Its raw, natural feel is quite zen.

GREEN RATING Deep Green. Up-cycling. 100% bio-degradable.

AVAILABLE AT Mai Po Po in Fan Ling and in Sheung Wan. Just Green in Central, Wanchai and Lamma Island also has something similar.

We used to use a plastic brush to clean our wok. You know the kind I’m taking about, with white nylon bristles and a pastel blue/green/pink/etc handle. After a while, grease starts to accumulate on the white bristles making it look quite gross. We used to throw one in the garbage every 5 or 6 months.

The brush takes the journey from our home to the refuse collection centre and then on to its final resting place in the landfill. This is where it will take its long sleep and after a few centuries will break down. The brush being made of plastic and nylon is waterproof, making it impervious to decay caused by the forces of nature. I on the other hand will have decayed long before the brush.

Last year, we discovered the coconut shell brush. This brush is a great example of up-cycling. Made from coconut shells, their impact on the environment, from production to disposal, is negligible.

From a product perspective, these brushes have a number of advantages. Functionally, the stiffer bristles are superior at removing grease from the wok. The handle makes use of the natural curve of the coconut shell for a better ergonomic experience. And finally, it has a raw aesthetic that looks more at home in G.O.D. than a dollar store.

(Note, it shouldn’t be used to clean non-stick frying pans.)

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