Easy Change, Huge Impact: Part 2

PRODUCT NAME No Frills Toilet Tissues PRICE HK$ 17.90 for 10 rolls PRODUCT RATING Very little compromise when compared to conventional toilet paper. GREEN RATING Deep Green. Made from 100% Recycled Paper and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified AVAILABLE AT Wellcome In our previous article about environmentally friendly toilet paper, we reviewed Green Soft, which did not perform as well as conventional toilet paper and is available only in a few … Continue reading Easy Change, Huge Impact: Part 2

Up-cycled Coconut Shell Wok Brush

PRICE HK$ 20-28 PRODUCT RATING Very Good. The stiffer bristles of the coconut brush are better at removing grease from a wok than conventional nylon bristles. Its raw, natural feel is quite zen. GREEN RATING Deep Green. Up-cycling. 100% bio-degradable. AVAILABLE AT Mai Po Po in Fan Ling and in Sheung Wan. Just Green in Central, Wanchai and Lamma Island also has something similar. We … Continue reading Up-cycled Coconut Shell Wok Brush

Easy Change, Huge Impact

PRODUCT NAME Green Soft Toilet Paper

PRICE HK$ 22 for 10 rolls

PRODUCT RATING  Quite soft, but thin and flimsy. For those willing to make a little sacrifice for the good of the environment.

GREEN RATING Deep Green. 100% recycled. Non-chlorine bleached.

AVAILABLE AT GroundWorks (a social enterprise located in Wanchai), Herbal Bliss, and Club O

The two key concerns expressed by consumers about buying toilet paper made from recycled paper are that it may not be hygienic and it’s simply not as nice as using virgin pulp. To allay the first concern, you can simply check the official PRC government test results online (unfortunately, it’s in Chinese only). In short, the manufacturer of the Green Soft brand we’re reviewing here (and have been using for the past two years) has passed the government hygiene tests.

The second issue is that it is not as nice as conventional toilet paper. In this case, that happens to be true. The first thing you notice when you unpack it is that the roll is held closed by a piece of Scotch tape. Then you’ll notice the color, which is greyish rather than snow white. That’s because it is not bleached with chlorine. Conventional toilet paper is whitened with chlorine bleach, which can release toxins in the air and water when combined with other chemicals.

It’s soft to the touch but somewhat thin and flimsy. So it rips easily rather than tearing cleanly on the dotted line. Occasionally, the roll of paper has slipped off the tube which can be quite annoying. So there are quite a number of issues with this product but I think most would agree that they could be overlooked if the product performs well in its main task. So how well does it work? In the unforgettable words of a friend who recently started using Green Soft, “my a_ _ can’t tell the difference”.

So if you’re willing to put up with the annoyances, you really can make a difference and save some trees. Continue reading “Easy Change, Huge Impact”