Woodlands: Authentic Indian Vegetarian

PRICE HK$75-125 per person

FOOD RATING Great. I really enjoy the food and not just because it’s vegetarian. The masterfully combined spices in each dish create unique flavors that are like a vacation for your taste buds. The curries, breads and seasoned rice are all super tasty.


LOCATION East Tsim Sha Tsui MTR. Just above Wing On department store.

Woodlands is located in a mall that is trapped in time. The shops look like they haven’t been renovated since Like a Virgin was a hit. The restaurant itself has been around since 1981 and kind of looks like it. The “decor”, if you can call it that, is old school and you certainly wouldn’t come here for the ambiance. That being said, its got great big windows looking out at the street with lots of trees and sunlight. It’s spacious and relatively quiet, which is quite a luxury in Hong Kong.

What you do come here for is the awesomely authentic food. Never having been to India, how do I know its authentic? First, when you walk in there is a sink beside the bar for customers to wash their hands (as you probably know Indian food is eaten with your hands). When you sit down, you’ll notice that over 90% of the diners are of Indian descent with a sprinkling of locals and tourists. And finally, all the food arrive on stainless steel dishes.

This is a place I enjoyed dining at even before I converted to eating meat only once per week. Back then I loved eating Indian dishes with meat but always found myself feeling stuffed from all the heavy sauces. Afterwards I feel like not wanting to have Indian food again for another 3 months.  At Woodlands I never get that feeling, I could eat here once a week. Continue reading “Woodlands: Authentic Indian Vegetarian”