Eat Light

Price HKD 110 for a set meal that includes soup, main and coffee or tea. Food rating Very good. Simple, light fare that is tasty. HK Magazine’s restaurant review gave it a 4-star rating (out of 5). The chef was previously a volunteer at World Peace Cafe. The veggie soups are great, not thick like the puree most western restaurants serve and not watery like most Chinese soups. Green rating Quite green. … Continue reading Eat Light

A Hidden Gem

Restaurant Rating Delicious food. Great service. Comfortable, understated ambiance. Quality without being fussy. Green Rating Deep Green. Vegetarian. Organic. Local. The kitchen minimizes food waste in imaginative ways. For example, the pulp from making juices is used in the burgers. Short of installing some solar panels on the roof, dining doesn’t  get much more sustainable than this in Hong Kong. Price (per person) Dinner HK$200-300 … Continue reading A Hidden Gem