Why does Muji package its organic underwear in plastic?


I usually buy clothing from second-hand clothing stores.  However, for underwear and socks I can only buy new ones.  For years I have been looking for organic cotton underwear.  Why cotton?  Because cotton underwear is breathable, which helps to reduce bacterial vaginal infection. Why organic? Today 25% of the insecticide used worldwide is applied to conventionally grown cotton, even though cotton fields occupy less than 3% of the world’s farmland. Many of these agro-chemicals are similar to the nerve agents and bio-inhibitors used in chemical warfare during WWI, so it’s no surprise the higher rates of birth defects and cancer have been found in both humans and wildlife surrounding cotton fields.

In the past, I bought organic cotton underwear made in Taiwan, but their cutting and colour reminded me of granny’s panties. I also tried to buy online from PACT. I like their cutting and pattern. But for international order I need to buy at least USD 100 worth of underwear, and pay another USD 10 for postage. Not long ago I walked in Muji and discovered that it had start to sell organic cotton underwear.  Great! I wanted to buy some. But then my attention was drawn to that heavy-duty plastic it was packaged in. I don’t understand why does Muji needs to package underwear while it’s t-shirts, pants and socks hang freely on the rack. Is it because underwear is intimate to one’s body? So what?  Anyone with common sense knows to wash newly purchased clothing before wearing. No normal human being would put on the underwear without washing just because it’s pre-packaged in a plastic bag.

The display board on top of the rack shows a photo of a cotton field with the following:

“Made of cotton grown on fields without any use of pesticide or chemical fertilizer for at least 3 years…brings comfort to consumers, at the same time care about the living environment of the growers…”

For such a widely popular brand to start selling organic cotton clothing is really a very good sign. Reminding consumers to care about the natural environment also worthy of praise.  We urge Muji to go just one step further.  Get rid of the unnecessary plastic packaging.

…And the microbeads facial scrub too.

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