A diner in the heart of Central

FOOD RATING Tasty. Veggie burgers are the specialty at VeggieSF.

GREEN RATING Quite Green. Vegetarian.

PRICE Lunch HK$100-120. Dinner HK$150-200+

LOCATION VeggieSF is at #11 Stanley Street on the 10th Floor. Central. Call 3902-3902 for reservations, it often fills up during lunch.

VeggieSF has a hip, retro vibe with many genuine artifacts shipped from the US. The mismatched chairs, colorful cutlery and retro signs makes it feel more like a museum than an actual American diner. The interior is a homage to 1950’s Americana.

The veggie burgers are all good so it’s always a challenge to pick just one. The best thing to do is to go with a friend and share. The grilled portobello and pineapple burger uniquely combines the umami of mushroom and refreshing sweet & sour of a pineapple slice. If you have a craving for meat, the taste of the crispy black pepper soy patty comes closest to the real thing. While the organic beetroot pate is moist and flavorful. The thick cut potato and pumpkin wedges that come along with the burger are great but can sometimes be a little oily.

During the summers, when you want something a little lighter, the Vietnamese style mixed vermicelli with skewers of tofu makes a great lunch that doesn’t weigh you down. In winters when you may be looking for some warm and filling comfort food, the lasagna with cheese and eggplant really hits the spot.

For strict vegetarians, the menu has a guide that indicates which dishes contain garlic or dairy. Some dishes can also be made vegan upon request. VeggieSF is a really popular lunch time spot and often gets quite crowded so be prepared to be punctual both coming and going.

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