Live in HK! The Lady Gaga of Green

UPCOMING KADOORIE TALKS “Soil, Soul and Society”

Nov 8: “Holistic Education – Learning With Your Whole Being” (Dr Satish Kumar)

Nov 9: “Future of Food” (Dr Vandana Shiva is the rock star of green documentary films)

WHERE Rayson Huang Theatre at The University of Hong Kong

ADMISSION Free. Register with Ms Joe Chu (Tel: 2483-7284 / email: by Friday 7 October 2011

Below is an excerpt taken directly from Andy Brown’s (Executive Director of Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden) invitation letter:

…”We believe the root cause of the multiple crises today, including Climate Change, unsustainable use of resources, biodiversity loss, and the food crisis, is a widespread worldview of division and disconnection. Our vision of sustainability is a future based on ancient wisdom, in which reverence for nature, nourishment of the soul, and compassion and justice are prioritized.

We will hold public talks by two thinkers and educators of world renown, Dr Vandana Shiva and Dr Satish Kumar, under the theme of Soil, Soul and Society. We believe these talks will help to inspire a worldview that recognizes interrelationships, and honours wholeness, integrity and cohesion.

At the public talk about Holistic Education on 8th November, Dr Kumar will share his ideas on education and how it can challenge us to use our factual knowledge combined with wisdom to develop our whole being. He will explore our relationship with soil.

Dr Shiva at the public talk, Future of Food on 9 th November to unveil the true cost of industrial agriculture, which is heavily based on a dwindling oil resource; the threats to our future food supply; and what are the sustainable alternatives that exist.”…

[Please note: The title of this post was not approved by Lady Gaga, Dr Shiva or Kadoorie]

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